About plans

Through a new strategic partnership, TMGM hopes to provide consumers with access to Trading Central. Trading Central, an award-winning publisher of automated investing analytics and analytics, has teamed with the world leader in CFD trading.

TMGM strives to consistently improve client value by focusing on providing traders with competitive products and services that help them succeed in the market.

“We work to provide our clients with access to the best tools and training anywhere. Partnering with trusted leaders like Trading Central is how we deliver on these promises and commitments, ”comments Angelo D’Alessio, TMGM’s Director of Marketing.

TMGM clients will have access to the tools available on Trading Central.

Trading Central is a high-end one-stop shop for investing decision-making assistance. Competitive products, such as the TC Market Buzz, are available on the platform (a news service that allows traders to see how online chat affects their portfolio). They also have the TC Economic Insight tool, which allows traders to use risk analysis to track, predict, and act on economic events that are happening in the market.

Alpha Generation is another well-known Trading Central product: three revolutionary MT5 indicators that assist traders tune in to market psychology and discover probable entry/exit locations.

Trading Central will benefit from increased brand exposure with TMGM because it has a huge and expanding user base.

Trading Central’s CEO, Alain Pellier, says, “We want to give traders with relevant data that support their judgments at the moment of action.” “TMGM is the right partner in this effort because of its commitment to high-quality, transparent research.”

About TMGM

TMGM encourages investors to take control of their investment portfolios with their online platform, which makes direct CFD trading simple by providing technology, assistance, and an innovative structure, allowing traders to focus on their investment selections while the platform handles the rest. TMGM is a multinational conglomerate with offices on three continents and a monthly revenue of more than $ 195 billion.

About Trading Central

Trading Central is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge investment research with a wide range of analytical capabilities, a unique blend of artificial intelligence and analytical skills, and global coverage of numerous assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their technologies help investors to uncover opportunities, optimise their strategies, and enjoy managing their own portfolios through the world’s premier brokerage brands.