SquaredFinancial, a multi-asset fintech broker, has released its trading results for the third quarter. Sales increased by 266 percent, customer base increased by 220 percent, and gross profit margins increased by 200 percent.

  • The corporation announces a new board of directors, a fresh structure, proper management, and steady growth.
  • In 2021, gold is expected to be the most traded product.

The Group continued to expand its offering throughout the year, providing instant access to over 10,000 trading instruments across various asset classes and incorporating cryptocurrencies into more traditional asset classes such as foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and indices, with gold playing a key role. Volumes have increased since the beginning of the year as a result of its perceived safety amid uncertain times.

Three new board members have also been appointed by SquaredFinancial Group to boost the company’s governance and future growth. Dirk Van Daele, Vusi Tembekuio, and Philippe Preval will offer their extensive knowledge in technology, entrepreneurship, and financial management.


SquaredFinancial Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Philippe Ghanem, explained:

“We made the decision to start from scratch, listen to customer feedback, and ensure stability and security.” Each new member of our Council adds to our understanding of corporate governance, emerging markets, and corporate finance, which will aid in the creation, growth, and promotion of SquaredFinancial in the years ahead.

A new board member of the parent business, Dirk Van Daele, a financial services entrepreneur, commented:

“It’s an exciting moment to be a part of SquaredFinancial. A vibrant new model for asset management convergence, yet with a highly experienced leadership team and a clear route forward.

“As a global FinTech, SquaredFinancial offers more products and services than the majority of its competitors.” I’m looking forward to continue to expand the SquaredFinancial brand alongside Philip and his colleagues in the years ahead.”

Venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and new member of the company’s board of directors Wusi Tembekwayo said:

“At the crossroads, time and talent must be perfectly aligned. The financial world is rapidly changing, and the most pressing concern for clients is how to gain from it. Consumers need a dependable and secure service, and this is where we want to make a difference. “Crypto, brokerage, and asset management have become normal, but customers need a reliable and secure supplier, and this is where we want to make a difference.

Lusis’ CEO and a new member of the board of directors, Philippe Préval, said:

“My purpose is to assist in the transformation of how a FinTech organisation should operate.” SquaredFinancial can give clients with exceptional service and access by utilising artificial intelligence in commerce, as well as other areas of business such as payment fraud, credit ratings, loyalty, and referrals.