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Review of the financial sector: financial companies, markets and trading within 1 day with Golden Stanley

Generally speaking, the whole sphere and financial companies indicating brokerage services are two completely different lines of business. Brokers, such as Golden Stanley, have a priority to meet the needs of their clients, stock exchanges make it as easy as possible to trade different securities.

Main points of brokerage services to clients

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Brokerage companies differ greatly and they get most of their income from the execution of orders from their trading clients. There are only two ways in which a broker can respond to a client’s request. In the first case, the broker is an intermediary, but only brings together a seller and a buyer, in which case the company receives a conditional commission. In the second case, the broker can independently execute an order in accordance with its financial instruments. Such profit is spread in the column main operations, there you can find both positive and negative profit from own trading operations of the broker’s company. Most often the commission income can be found in the other section, and the client’s commission expenses are counted as a certain percentage of the assets owned by the client.

A broker’s financial statement consists of the amount of profit that was earned from dividends and investments minus debt expenses. Some companies also have a profit for the placement of securities.  Its revenue item is underwriting and profits earned from investment banking.

Income from order execution fees, often prevails when the financial markets are in a downtrend, as opposed to major financial transactions such as investment banking profits.

The biggest expense for brokerage firms such as Golden Stanley is salaries. As we know, qualified employees are paid much higher. In the company Golden Stanley employees receive income as commissions for completed transactions, also a percentage of profits and according to the results of the year bonuses are paid.

Full service brokerage companies can afford to offer clients a private service and regular market research. As a rule online brokers do not offer such services to experienced traders due to the fact that they want to save the company’s budget on commission expenses.

With the growing volume of trading on financial markets, brokerage companies bear a heavy debt burden associated with the provision of a large financial leverage to their clients. Of course, if we speak about professionals, very high profitability is supposed here, but insufficient level of professionalism will certainly lead to huge expenses, that’s why companies that offer individual support reduce risks both for themselves and their clients.

What is an exchange

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The stock exchange is a marketplace for buying and selling securities. In the distant past, traders met on stock exchanges face to face and made transactions, nowadays all operations are made online, it increases speed and effectiveness of exchange trade.

The income of the exchange is made up of fees, which the exchange receives for placing securities, for each transaction, which takes place on their platform, there are revenues for marketing services and for implementing new technologies, as well as for providing various kinds of services. The greater the volatility of an asset, the greater the profits of the exchange. Exchanges are allowed to make trades within companies.

If we compare a brokerage company, for example Golden Stanley, with an exchange, in terms of costs the exchanges are more predictable.  The greater the volume of transactions, the greater the profit, and the reduction of costs leads to increased profits.  As a rule, unlike brokerage companies, the exchange does not have such a debt and only in case of any significant acquisition the debt burden may increase dramatically.

With the development and popularization of financial activities, particularly in stock trading, a lot of mergers and acquisitions took place, big players bought smaller ones, stock exchanges were merged by international ones, some players, who had narrow specialization, increased their portfolio and widened their activity area.

Investors should clearly understand that the market is volatile and some prices of stocks or other securities are overvalued. At this point in time, the basic financial stock market, it is cyclical and traders need to be aware of this cycle in order to win for trades at a well-defined time. Stock trading is more suitable for investors who see good growth potential in the long term.

Intraday trading with a brokerage company Golden Stanley.  If you consider day trading as the main direction of your coaching activity, then you need to choose a brokerage company that meets your needs as much as possible.  Day trading suits clients who are ready to devote a significant portion of their time to financial markets, in contrast to investors who prefer long-term trading. Day traders must be guided by a lot of research and optimize their work as much as possible.

The broker that was mentioned earlier offers these features, according to customers’ opinions the company meets all expectations.

Let’s define what is called day trading.

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Already from the name it is reasonable to assume that it is trading within 1 day, the trader tries to choose assets with minimal spreads, and the transaction can take place within a few minutes.

Clients with experience, working with Golden Stanley, shared their experience:

Working within the trading day it is necessary to understand what part of the costs will go to pay the commission, as we know that many brokerage companies take commission regardless of the outcome of the transaction.

As practice shows, many companies have switched to zero commissions, and now they choose the size of spreads.

However, here traders should be more concerned about the instruments offered by the broker to increase the client’s profitability. It can be both research and convenience and fastness of a trading platform.

Of course, the brokerage accounts usually have a minimum deposit size, but this does not apply to traders who choose day trading, because there are certain rules that set the bar at 25,000 dollars required for a client who chooses day trading as his strategy.

Having done the research, based on the experience of the traders, the best broker for day trading in 2021 was determined.  Golden Stanley’s clients highly rate this company, and because it provides all the features of day trading from various analytical materials, to a fully prepared and user-friendly trading platform. There are masses of useful tools, including for testing your strategy on historical data. The client’s commission costs will be minimal, there will be no stock and ETF trades at all. You will not pay any account maintenance fees.

If you work on a privileged account, you will be entitled to a significant discount from the brokerage company, which can be up to 90% of the base price.

If your choice turns out to be a standard account, you can trade stocks without commissions, at the same time, all the basic brokerage services will also be available to you.

According to Golden Stanley’s users, the trading platform is fully adaptive and can be customized. The tariff plans are remarkably flexible and the analysis will be simple due to the large number of indicators. If you don’t have enough indicators, you can create your own, which is also a big plus.

What also attracts clients is that the list of assets is not limited to stocks, futures contracts, currency pairs and other types of assets are also available, it is possible to use technical studies, and there are about four hundred of them.

Not only individual traders, but also market professionals have received rave reviews. The broker actually stands out among the competitors due to the qualities of its fundamental research and comments from the staff, various reports.


Reviews of Golden Stanley

The final choice which company to choose to work on the financial markets is always yours. We deeply hope that our review of the financial market and broker Golden Stanley will help you in achieving your financial goals.  The information about Golden Stanley has been compiled based on reviews, testimonials, and private opinions of the company’s customers found on the internet.