This Cypriot company was organized in 2017. The platform offered by the company is considered one of the best and most convenient among European companies. This company is the official sponsor of the Milan soccer team. Confidence is inspired by the European regulator CySEC.

The company creates accounts for all its customers in the most well-known international banks.

Trading terminals

Overview of ROInvesting Brokerage Company

We offer a first class MT4 trading platform that does not need any advertising. It is characterized by high speed of execution of transactions, functional, saturation with tools. Among the most interesting options of the platform:

More than 30 different tools and indicators are offered for analysis

It offers ways to minimize risks – Stop Loss and Take Profit

Possibility to view the trading account equity.

Wide range of historical data for testing the strategy

Fast trade functions

Wide range of timeframes

Free of charge usage

Detailed guide to using the platform

Overview of ROInvesting Brokerage Company

Webtrader is a browser-based platform that does not require a download to your device, similar to clients who do not constantly use the same device to access the internet. It is compatible with virtually all popular browsers.

Also provides one-click trading, use of pending orders, risk minimization systems, lots of options for technical analysis.

Trading assets, on which the company offers to earn income

In total over 350 assets are offered, among them:

Forex is the currency pairs market, here you will have access to about 40 positions

Indices gives you the opportunity to make a stable and regular income on the most famous indices

Shares – short and long positions on shares of world leaders

Digital or cryptocurrencies – diversify your investment portfolio with one or several cryptocurrencies

Commodities and raw materials – over 20 positions

ETF – opportunity to earn on several assets

Commission Information

Overview of ROInvesting Brokerage Company

After conducting the analysis, we found that the spreads in this company at a decent level. For example for the Forex market, they range from 0.7 to 1.3 pips. Commodity group from 0.03 to 0.37.

The company doesn’t take commission for transactions execution, but there are fees for swaps, for absence of trading operations on the account and some others.

Leverage from 1:5 for securities market, currency pairs are traded with 1:30 leverage, for indexes financial leverage is 120, cryptocurrency has the lowest double leverage. If you consider yourself a professional market participant, you can ask for financial leverage up to 1:500.

Programs for mobile devices

ROInvesting is keeping up with the trend and offers mobile versions of one of the most renowned MT4 platforms. There is no difference in functionality, you can open trades at the touch of a button, several timeframes are available, plenty of options for technical analysis and charting. You can set up Push notifications about price changes or open and close transactions. Downloaded on a free basis.

Account deposit options

Does not allow the standard methods, such as payment by credit card or transfer from your bank, also PayPal system or a number of e-wallets, including Skrill and Neteller.

The company never charges a fee for depositing to a trading account, but warns that some payment systems take their own fee.  Limit on the minimum starting capital-250 dollars.

Withdrawal methods do not differ from deposit methods, but there are a number of restrictions, for example, if you withdraw less than 100 euros, then you may be required to pay some commission, but for details, we advise to clarify the company website or contact support.

Test account

Before you open a real account you are entitled to practice with the demo version of the platform and you can earn up to $100,000 virtual dollars for one year to test your strategies and verify the tools available to trade. Demo accounts are based on the MT4 platform.

Client Referral Programs

According to the rules of the regulator, this company is not allowed to attract new clients with bonus programs and advertising companies, so you will not see any incentive programs here.

Training materials:

ROInvesting offers a large base of training materials that will be interesting to learn and beginners in the financial market and to clients with a lot of experience, among the most popular features:

a number of electronic text materials that allow you to competently conduct market analysis, the development of their own strategy, the system of allocation of finances

Possibility to use economic events calendar, in order not to miss the important dates for financial markets.

detailed description of instruments, teaching how to trade on the price difference

a large database of video materials

articles with analytical materials are regularly published

detailed guide to using the platform

database of trading signals.

account opening options

Totally the company offers three options for opening a trading account: silver, gold and platinum. For non-professional clients the maximum leverage ratio is 1:30, but for professional clients the leverage ratio can be increased up to 1:500.  As it was mentioned above, the minimum amount of deposit to start work is $250.

One of the main differences of trading accounts is the discount for transaction rollover to the next day. For example, the Gold account has a 25% discount, as well as the Gold account offers a personal manager, extensive access to video materials and support for 10 hours a day. Platinum account has a 50% swap discount, as well as a personal advisor and a virtual cloud server at no extra charge. This is especially suitable for automated trading.

Customer support

You can contact support on weekdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Available ways of contact: hotline, email, feedback form on the site, chat on the site. For a quick response, we recommend contacting directly in the chat room.

Secure environment

All data is stored and transmitted only in encrypted form, the servers are located in world-renowned data centers, customer data will not be disclosed to third parties.


ROInvesting offers a good set of services for newcomers to the market as well as for customers who already have some experience. The platform it offers is MT4, and it is comfortable and instrument rich. The clients can have peace of mind thanks to the fact that the company is regulated.