The organization has a long history in the financial services industry. In 2002, it was held for the first occasion. To date, the company serves consumers from several countries that are part of the KAB International holdings LTD group. China and Hong Kong are the locations of the offices. KAB Strategy LTD, a Cyprus-based corporation, handles online trading.

The company’s operating territory encompasses the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The corporation works through subsidiaries in several territories.

Advantages and disadvantages of this organization

It is known that this broker has regulators in various jurisdictions and a wide range of functions for trading, for example, here is organized trading of futures contracts, investment portfolios, as well as many popular groups of assets, which are highly appreciated by customers who trade in large volumes.

New clients of the company may find this broker to be quite complex, as well as may be disappointed by the lack of spread-based accounts and the large amount of training material available.

Can KAB be considered as a scammer or is it a safe organization to trade with?

The company is unmistakably licensed and controlled by the European Financial Services Authority, and as a result, it is permitted to access the European market.

In addition, the corporation is licensed to conduct business in certain parts of the Middle East, including Kuwait.

The rule by which the company is governed is the guarantor of the very security which is so necessary. Customer accounts are northern and are never used in the financial activities of the company. Also, the company has membership in the Investor Compensation Fund, which operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Securities Commission, so customers can be safe for their finances in the event that the company goes into liquidation or bankruptcy.

KAB leverage depends on the region in which it operates and ranges from 1: 20 to 1: 500. In general, this company can be called a high leverage company. Before rejoicing at the possibility of making large profits, you should realize that high leverage carries increased risks up to losing the entire balance.

Instruments for trading

This brokerage company offers one multi-purpose account which is adapted for each client without violating the rules of the European Union regulators.

It allows you to trade equities, including those listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, participate in initial public offerings (IPOs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), open spot trades in commodities and currency pairs, and use asset management. All of this is much better when commissions are modest.

Types of trading accounts

The company offers several options for opening an account depending on the instruments and trading volumes:

KAB MT4 account for trading CFDs with financial leverage up to 1: 500 and possibility to work on small volumes

ECN Forex account offers real-time price feed from dozens of global banks, commission is charged per trade, which is directly related to the trading volume and raw spreads

HK/China Stock account allows you to trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and buy securities. You can manage this account through a platform provided by the broker; execution is instant, there is no minimum investment threshold

trading account for work with the portfolio is mainly used for the primary listing market, which is carried out literally in one click.

The company has certain goals, one of which is orientation to the Asian markets, the minimum subscription is HK$1.

Since one of the regions where the company operates is in the Islamic zone, it is not surprising that they offer so-called Islamic accounts without swaps.


KAB is a company, which works in the legal field, operates under the control of regulators, trades including in the Asian market, provides access to purchase securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. First of all, the offer of the company will be interesting to professional clients, who will immediately determine the advantages, suitable to them. The company is focused on work with shares and contracts for difference on the price of indexes also present other assets.