This broker comes from Australia, founded by a fairly strong team that has more than half a century of experience trading in financial markets.  The organization offers trading on 120 assets, including commodities and cryptocurrencies. Transactions on the price difference, energy, indexes, and other well-known assets are also offered. In order to keep up with the times, the organization offers a variety of unique solutions.

There is no priority here for clients with big wallets, the company is equally good and professional with absolutely any trader.  Commissions are not high, starting at $4.5.  Spreads are narrow enough, liquidity is at a good price.

In one of his interviews, Phil Horner, the founder of the company, shared his thoughts on how to start his company. He said that prior to opening his brokerage company, he had worked with different brokers located in different parts of Australia for about 10 years and felt that clients were offered not the best conditions and prices were far from ideal. He decided to create a company that would change people’s expectations and bring them to a much higher income.

Before choosing a broker to trade with, you should look into the legal details of their level of regulation.

Gleneagle Asset Management Pty Limited, the firm that runs the brand, is licensed to provide financial services in Australia. Fusion Markets is a financial services firm that specializes in Gleneagle Asset Management Pty Limited, the firm that manages the brand. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates the corporation, and it is also registered with the Pricing Services Commission.

Commodity Group Trading

Fusion Markets Reviews on broker.

The company provides contracts on oil and gas, for these assets the commission is not charged, and it is possible to open both long-term positions, and to work on short transactions.


Fusion Markets has in its assets for trading precious metals: gold, platinum, silver and others, the leverage for this group of assets is high enough compared to competitors – 1:500, the position size is not limited.


There is nothing more stable in the financial market than indices. The company offers to earn on the most popular and reliable indices. The leverage here will be flexible and spreads are low enough.


Here the choice is not so great, the company offers only 5 pairs, based on Bitcoin etherium, ripple, Dash.

Before opening a trade, an experienced trader always calculate both possible profits and possible losses.  Fusion Markets provides various calculators for this purpose, which will make it as easy as possible.

In order not to miss any important economic event, the company provides a calendar of economic events, which will highlight only the most important dates for trading in the financial market.

Trading accounts

There are two accounts, which have identical functionality, and the same tools. The only difference is that you only need to pay the spread or the commission. The name of these accounts is Classic and ECN.  Neither the first nor the second account has no minimum initial deposit.  The leverage on both accounts is equal to 1:500.

Classic account

This is perfect choice for traders just starting their way. There are no commissions and spreads are higher than on other accounts and start at 0.8 pips.

Zero account

This account without spreads Hn some positions, but with a commission of 4.5 dollars. It is ideal for clients who are engaged in fast transactions, such as scalping.

Customer Service

Each client has a personal manager whose mission is to make the platform more understandable and trading comfortable. It is possible to receive information via chat, phone or email.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal

The company provides an opportunity to open an account in your own currency, the list of currencies can be viewed on the company website. You can fund your account via bank transfer and plastic card, as well as through online services Skrill, Perfectmoney, Neteller, FasaPay.

The method for opening an account is as straightforward as possible. It takes about 5 minutes, after which you can deposit the required amount into your trading account and upload the documents proving your identification and dwelling address. The financial department will review your documents before granting you access to trade.