About currency

The Mexican peso is the third most traded currency in North America and is issued and controlled by the country with the 15th greatest nominal gross domestic product (GDP), equivalent to about one trillion US dollars (after the US dollar and the Canadian dollar).

Mexico is a desirable financial hub for a variety of reasons. The federal republic’s major sources of foreign revenue were manufactured items for export and tourism, as well as money inflows from Mexican residents working abroad. With a population of over 126 million people, little over a third of the population of the United States, the nation aspires to become the world’s fifth biggest economy in the future decades.

With the following three currency combinations, the multinational fintech corporation is unveiling its latest Mexican peso innovation:

  • USDMXN US Dollar / Mexican Peso
  • EURMXN Euro / Mexican Peso
  • GBPMXN (British Pound / Mexican Peso)

According to OctaFX, these new currency pairings provide clients with a more diverse, convenient, and relevant trading experience.

The peso has risen to fifteenth position among the world’s most traded currencies, owing to the Mexican economy’s ten-year stability and an increase in foreign investment.

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