The new CySEC chairman opened the event

During the opening ceremony of the iFX EXPO International Cyprus 2021, Mr. Theocharides, who was just appointed, delivered the keynote address. Who better to kick off the event than the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, or CySEC, the country’s financial regulator? Mr Theocharides followed the iFX EXPO tradition of starting the event with a keynote speech by Ms Demetra Kalogeru, the former chairman.

The iFX EXPO was brought to a close by the winning marketing panel. We’ve got some fantastic peaks for 2022 thanks to famous marketing professionals John Lewis of FUNNELCROSS, Helen Astaniu of TIOmarkets, Charlotte Day of Contentworks, Bojan Ninkovic of Ultimate Fintech, and Laura Salveta of 120Advertising. Reddit, TikTok, and video marketing were reviewed, as well as practical tips and suggestions for acquiring and maintaining clients in the next year.

Networking and parties have always been popular at iFX EXPO International, and 2021 was no exception. Alogateway sponsored the Vithos Bar Welcome Party at the Parklane Hotel. On the 5th of October, the Breeze Summer Club hosted our official Night Party, which included a live fire breathing and acrobatic show. The iFX EXPO was hosted in the lovely Parklane Resort & Spa, which boasted beautiful sea and harbour views, sea breezes, and plenty of open places for networking.

EXPO treats

iFX EXPO International is renowned for its pleasures and surprises, and this year’s event was no exception. Beers from Airsoft, gin cocktails from Ecommpay and visitor packages from koalapays were just some of the treats. Opening the bags made us smile – especially the earplugs and eye mask from Nextmarkets Night Party Sponsor. Exciting prizes were handed out at the event: a drone from Leverate and a Rolex from nextmarkets. There were other sponsored perks as well. FXCubic was our sponsor for Go Fresh and ISX Financial supported us with free water. Royal Pay also supported us with free coffee at the coffee shop, as well as chocolates and sweets, which were delicious.