It is the oldest broker registered in Italy, it started its way as a broker for the domestic Italian market, now it is known throughout Europe and even beyond. The office is in Milan and London. In addition to the classic services of a brokerage company, FinecoBank is ready to provide asset management.  The trading is done in a wide range of markets: bonds, futures, forex, indices, stocks and others.

The trading conditions are very competitive and the client receives the highest class services for a small fee. There are no hidden commissions, stock contracts are also free of fees.

This bank is quite famous and has a client base of about 1000000 people. The total client assets of the bank exceed 70 billion euros, and the regulator is the most well-known and respected organization in Europe.

By number of trades, this company is one of the leaders among European competitors. About 30 million raisers a year are opened on FinecoBank’s platforms. The client is attracted by the absence of a minimum entry threshold and hidden fees.

In 2018 and 2020 the company was awarded as the best Forex broker at Forex Expo in the UK, the company is also one of the hundred largest corporations in Italy.

Controlling organizations.

FinecoBank Reviews on broker.

The company has been authorized by the Bank of Italy and is regulated by two organizations: FCA and PRA.  Outside of Italy, the regulator is the central bank of Ireland.

The company does not publicly state how it is regulated, but promises to provide this information upon request.

Customer funds are part of the compensation program, so, in case of liquidation of the company, the client will receive their money back.  Shares of this bank are listed on the European stock exchange.

Trading terminals

The company has developed a platform for its clients that can pleasantly surprise even the most demanding traders. There are about 70,000 trades per day, which does not interfere with the rapid execution of orders.


FinecoBank Reviews on broker.

This is a browser-based platform that allows you to access it from any device, but without downloading additional programs. Supported browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. If you have any difficulties, the support team will always help you understand.

The platform is easy to work, while at the same time has a large set of tools at various levels. The main functions of this trading terminal:

Quotes from liquidity providers

Intuitive and easy to use platform

Extensive news summaries, more than 5,000 news per day.

Possibility to open orders in the automatic mode

Platform has built-in analysis tools, including the ability to test your strategy on historical data

Calendar of economic events is installed, which will help not to miss any significant news or financial market events

The platform provides detailed information on each position, which includes, besides the value, recommendation, analytics, and some reports.  You can also search for assets according to your parameters.

Fineco Mobile

The mobile application is available to download for free from the company’s app stores. You won’t feel any inconvenience, all the products that are offered in the desktop version will be available here as well. It is enough to have an Internet connection. All prices and news are downloaded in streaming mode, which is a guarantee that the information on the platform corresponds to the real picture in the financial markets.

Additional tools to help in trading

The platform is quite complex and full of different comma instruments and does not offer any stand-alone trading tools. You can be sure that everything you need on the platform is already loaded, such as indicators, economic calendar, option for checking securities and so on.

Training Materials

Almost every week, the company’s in-house expert presents his analysis and forecast on the market to show you a promising trading direction. If you participate in a video conference, the expert will give you trading signals, carry out technical analysis online, and provide fundamental information about the currency pairs market. Also, an overview of upcoming economic events will be presented, in order to cut off unnecessary information.


As trading is not the main field of activity of FinecoBank, the main services that our clients may use besides trading are bank services and trust management. In order to choose the trading account type you should decide on the services you need first of all. In any case, no matter which account you choose, you can be sure that you will have access to all the tools, necessary for trading on any financial market. Convenient and information-rich platforms will be your loyal ally.