About CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a popular online financial trading firm that specializes in spread betting and contracts for difference (CFDs) on key worldwide markets. It now has 80,000 active clients, thousands of products, and a 64.5 million yearly trading volume.

Minimum deposit

CMC does not have a minimum deposit requirement. A trader will need the requisite margin on his account to initiate a position, but an account may be created with an initial deposit amount. This flexibility is a definite benefit for a broker of this grade.

Spreads and commissions

For popular goods, CMC provides favorable minimum spreads. 0.7 pips for EUR/USD and USD/JPY, plus 1 pip for the FTSE 100 UK and Dax 40 Germany, for example. A usual 0.8 pip spread is to be expected.


In Forex trading, leverage is a crucial component. This guarantees that entering a transaction just requires a minimal initial deposit or margin. CMC offers five levels of margin for each instrument, based on your overall net position.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that although leveraged trading might boost your profits, it can also boost your losses.

Trading fees

CMC also provides a guaranteed stop loss with specified position thresholds (GSLO). However, there is a fee for using this service, which is entirely refundable if GSLO does not work out. The main margin is also affected by the guaranteed stop loss. This is the risk that is defined in the guaranteed stop-loss order depending on the rate.

CMC’s share and trading fees are, on the whole, by industry norms.

CMC Markets

CMC trading platform

What can you trade using CMC’s software before we look at their trading platform?

Over 11,000 tools are available from CMC:

  • There are over 300 different currencies on the globe.
  • The world’s most important indicators
  • Gold, silver, and oil are examples of commodities.
  • Over 9000 stocks from 23 different countries (CFDs)
  • Treasury bills, bonds, and securities

CMC Chart Trading

Using the specific Next Generation platform to create charts is a great tool. You get access to 115 technical indicators. Each graph can also have research added to it. When you compare CMC’s offering to that of other brokers, you’ll see that most of them just provide a few dozen technical indicators.

You also have several choices sections at the bottom of each chart window that you can easily access:

  • Chart type
  • Drawing tools
  • Period
  • Patterns

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition is another essential element of the CMC trading platform. This provides traders with a variety of trading and price action analysis options. As a consequence, you’ll be able to create and implement sophisticated plans.

A consumer sentiment indicator will also be available to you. This reflects the company’s attitude toward overall client exposure, which includes both purchasing and selling for each instrument.


The CMC Next Generation web platform has received mostly good feedback. It may be viewed straight from any web browser that supports HTML5. The sleek layout and user-friendly platform attracted users.

Another advantage that has been noted is the opportunity to customize. A trading ticket’s design is simple, but it may be expanded by adding stops and limitations. Furthermore, switching between order kinds is fairly simple.

Depending on the transaction size and margin requirements for your product, you’ll find the anticipated margin at the bottom of the trade order window.


Another unique aspect worth noticing is binding. This provides for the connection of many windows in a layout. Any modification in one module causes the appropriate data for the same tool to be updated in the other linked modules.

Mobile applications

CMC’s trading software is also available on mobile and tablet devices. The app may be downloaded via the website or through the app stores.

In addition, there are over 40 technical indicators, signals, and trading tools, as well as mobile-optimized charts. Turn your phone to horizontal mode to make the chart construction much easier. It’s also easier to draw trend lines and zoom in and out. Real-time pricing, charts, and pending order execution are available with the iPhone mobile trading application. It also includes news feeds from Reuter’s as well as a consumer mood indicator.

Overall, CMC mobile phone trading provides a smooth transition from the desktop platform while retaining a consistent appearance and feel. The applications are simple to use. On their official website, you can also discover a variety of CMC trading videos to assist you to get the most out of their iOS and Android apps.