This company based in Australia is a global provider of FX and CFDs. In addition, clients can open trades on precious metals, indices, and more. Additional office of the company is in the UK and China.

This broker is operated by AETOS Capital Group, this organization is well known in Australia, and clients of the company are located far beyond this continent. The company’s sphere of influence extends to a hundred countries.

There is no brokerage companies that do not have disadvantages. Let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of AETOS.  The pluses include a transparent trading environment, strict regulation and an uncomplicated process of opening an account. The main disadvantage is that the company does not offer educational materials for its clients, which of course may discourage newcomers, but trainers with experience will like the provided technical analysis of absolutely all presented markets from the main research providers.

Regulation of the company

AETOS Company Overview

The company is regulated by two organizations at once, in the UK is the FCA, and in Australia is the ASIC. Both of these regulators assure customers that all the actions taken by the broker company will meet the standards of the financial industry adopted in the world.  It is known that the customer accounts never cross the company accounts, so even in case of liquidation of the company, the client’s funds will not suffer.

AETOS is not a member of the FSCS, an organization that accepts claims and pays compensation to customers of businesses that have ceased to exist for any reason.


Leverage helps you make large profits with a small investment, the parameters of leverage differ from the company’s internal policies. However, it is worth realizing that risks also increase when using this tool.

Due to the fact that depending on the registration of the company, there are different rules within the same company, this primarily concerns the leverage, for example, British company may offer leverage not higher than 1:30, Australian offers maximum leverage of 1:400.

The company is glad to welcome the clients both individual investors and professional ones, also the company cooperates with institutional traders and managers of several trading accounts.

Types of accounts

The British branch has three trading accounts: general account, premium account and demo account. All types of accounts allow working with robot-advisor, copy trading as well as automated trading. Moreover, it is possible to program the trading robot or download it from third parties.

The Australian office also offers a variety of options for opening an account.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Initially, you are offered to try and assess your strategy on a demo account, only after you finish trading in real market conditions, you will need to fund your account. Minimum deposit to start trading is $250, as for the premium account, you will need to fund your account with an amount equal to or greater than $20,000, with the premium account you will be able to access narrow spreads and some customized solutions.

Trading platforms

The Company does not offer platforms of its own design, however, offers world-famous platforms of MetaTrader line, both versions. They are the most technological and at the same time customer friendly platforms, which is highly respected in the financial sector. Besides trade on platforms of a line of MetaTrader it is possible to conduct the technical analysis thanks to presence of set of indicators.

Customer support

It is always important to know that in the case of any questions and situations you will be helped, the company AETOS provides expert help, which you can ask for almost at any time.


To sum it up, we can say that the broker company AETOS has created a simple and transparent trading environment for its clients. Some of the commissions and spreads might seem high to you, but you should take into account the many unique features that make this company a good choice. also don’t forget about the control of the regulatory organizations, and here you are at the highest level.