About company

5paisa is a low-cost broker that offers trading in a wide range of financial instruments, including delivery and intraday stocks, forex futures, and commodity options. The broker provides a reasonable trading platform, a mobile app with a clear overview, and competitive leverage rates. Continue reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of trading with 5paisa.


The 5paisa platform is available in any web browser and can be accessed from any device. You can trade all assets offered by the broker on the 5paisa trading website, as well as combine your positions, view your portfolio, and stay up to date on the latest trading news.

5paisa provides the Trade Station platform, which is a downloadable client with advanced trading analysis charts and tools, to more frequent traders. The advanced app includes tools for comparing stock prices and increasing profit potential.


Stocks, currencies, futures, options, mutual funds, and insurance products are all available through 5paisa. Although the selection of stocks and derivatives is competitive, cryptocurrency and commodity CFD brokers may be better suited for some traders seeking a more diversified portfolio.

Additional features

Smart investor

This platform is ideal for traders seeking consistent and dependable advice. Model portfolio, idea list, market overview, and stock valuation functions are all available. All of this creates a platform for clients to stay up to date on new trends and promotions, as well as a good place to evaluate all of the key information available. Based on fundamentals and performance models, algorithms recommend the best stocks to trade.


Users of 5paisa can also access “Smallcase,” which highlights the stock portfolio and has a high profit potential. In the current market conditions, it is expected to perform well. This comprehensive feature reduces risk by allowing users to invest in a portfolio rather than individual stocks. Smallcase’s platform is simple to use, allowing you to buy, sell, and modify trades at any time.

Swing Trader Tool

This tool is available through 5paisa and is ideal for traders with short-term objectives. The swing trader’s website offers trading advice as well as critical analysis to help you profit.

Mobile applications

One of the few mobile trading platforms available to Indian brokers is the 5paisa mobile app. The app appears to be easy to use, with reviews averaging four stars, but it is mostly useful for small traders who like to make quick trades on the go. The mobile app provides a user experience through advisory features, but it lacks configuration and analysis tools.


Account types and commissions

5paisa has a flat order fee, which differs depending on the type of account. The more you pay for your account type, the less you pay per order.

Payment due to:

  • Optimal – No monthly plan fees and INR 20 per order.
  • Platinum – INR 499 per month and INR 10 per order.
  • Titanium – INR 999 per month and INR 10 per order (no commission for orders in stock).

Credit Leverage

Leveraged trading allows you to enter larger positions with the aim of increasing your profit or loss. Below is a list of the leverage rates that 5paisa offers:

  • Currency futures – 1: 1
  • Intraday trading in stocks – up to 1: 4
  • F&O exposure during the day – up to 1: 5
  • The exposure when writing options is up to 1: 4 on regular days and 1: 6 on expiration days.


  • 5paisa offers a fast and paperless opening process, which means opening an account requires a little forward planning.
  • 5paisa also has an excellent customer support team that is always on hand during your trading days.
  • Cheap fixed brokerage fees show transparency and you don’t have to worry about high fees.
  • The broker’s trading platform is easy to use and accessible to traders of any level.
  • The 5paisa Option Margin Calculator is a powerful feature that makes it easy to calculate the profit on each trade and carefully track your trading income.


  • 5paisa mobile trading fees are high – Rs 100 per call.
  • There have been some reported server crash issues while visiting the website.

Opening hours

  • Preparation for opening: 09:00 – 09:15 IST (04:30 – 04:45 GMT)
  • Trading session: 09:15 – 15:30 IST (04:45 – 11:00 GMT)
  • Closing Session: 15:40 – 16:00 IST (11:10 – 11:30 GMT)


5paisa contact details:

  • Email address: support@5paisa.com
  • Phone: +91 89766 89766


5paisa is a competitive Indian stockbroker that offers a diverse range of stocks and derivatives, an attractive mobile app, and a good selection of bill payment options. A discount broker is a cost-effective option for novice traders with limited capital, experience, and time, whereas investors with more capital may prefer the more advanced features and expanded asset portfolios of larger brokers.